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The Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy Institute (TEH) teaches a unique dialogue and energy movement system that enhances the client’s body/mind awareness. The TEH Therapist establishes deep trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates holistic health, relieves anxieties and stressful Survival Energy Patterns that often originated in childhood.
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Survival Energy Patterns are emotionally reactive strategies that were originally formed in childhood to help you cope when overwhelmed. But the behavior strategies that helped you survive and thrive as a child, may be unproductive as an adult. Survival Patterns of shyness, depression, anger, perfectionism, explosiveness, over-sensitivity, or others may now be terribly limiting and painful.
Unfortunately these coping methods no longer work to help you manage confrontation and other adult relationship challenges in a healthy integrated way. 
These Survival Energy Patterns are NOT your TRUE SELF, and you know it. You just don’t know how to undo the Survival Energy Pattern, and create new healthier responses - 



There is a way to break these patterns.



It takes courage, support and guidance to implement new changes, especially in your closest relationships.
Real healing takes time. In order to grow we need a positive, safe and caring environment that provides inspiration, stimulation, and motivation from others who are also seeking. Every member is actively committed to working at a high level of healing transformation,
just like you. 
Our membership meets once a week, LIVE, on Zoom in a confidential forum that evokes deep, safe and open sharing for emotional, spiritual and holistic health guidance.

I literally felt my heart opened and having SO MUCH love for all of you. It's amazing how much love one can feel for people I have only known for such a short amount of time, yet it feels like I've known you all for so long.  

~ A.H.

Funny how when I applied what I learned about how to ground myself and I looked around at the beauty surrounding me, every pain and knot went away!  

~ J.A.

How can any single one of us who has been touched by these teachers ever feel lost, sad and disconnected when we have these teachers in our lives who are so full of love and wisdom, basically at our disposal.  

~ S.H.

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Summer Bardia, Physicians Assistant, TEHT Certified 

This program has been a wonderful experience for me,  both personally as well as professionally. It has allowed me insight into my personality and behaviors as well as into MY BODY that I did not have before. It has given me SO many tools to use for greater understanding, knowledge, and growth. I have tools to help me to access ME and to love myself....that's something I never knew, understood or was ever taught before. THANK YOU!

  A natural fear arises when we're ready for personal growth and change.

 There is nothing more powerful than a group of conscious seekers coming together to grow, heal and transform.


You don't have to do it alone.


We get more stable, and more healthy, when we feel seen, heard, understood and validated. 

 You don’t have to live in isolation with your joys or pain. 

You know there is a way to heal your self-sabotaging patterns that hurt you and others. You know there is a way OUT of anxiety and depression through the movement of energy if you just knew the Energy Healing tools to practice.

  Can you imagine the possibilities  if you could have a peaceful heart, feel calm and centered, even in adverse circumstances?

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Alma Hachey, Nutrition and Wellness Consulting


Before I came to Transpersonal Energy Healing therapy classes I struggled with a lack of boundaries and a relentless inner critic my whole life.

I decided to attend the membership group and other classes because I wanted to break the self-destructive patterns I had relied on that were no longer serving me.

What I learned that was so transformational was that being seen, heard and validated was essential for healing to occur and this is when I realized how healing and powerful it is to be a part of a supportive community.

As a result of the work I have done with Laura & Kimberly, I have learned to love all of the parts of myself and no longer identify with my inner critic and this feels so liberating!! It has impacted my personal relationships for the better and has made me a more effective healer and a coach in my work with clients

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Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy (TEH Therapy) is a cutting-edge system that takes you to the core of your Survival Energy Pattern, revealing how and why you developed the coping patterns that no longer serve you. The TEH Therapy Institute provides this Support Group to take you to the core of the issue quickly and authentically, unwinding limiting deep-seated subconscious patterns, rooted in stress or trauma.  Healing these survival energy patterns allows you to take charge of your life-force so you can heal, body, mind, and spirit.

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Are you exhausted from feeling like a victim to your own reactivity?  


Do you sometimes feel blocked on your journey toward  self-healing and discovery?  


Like so many, even though you may have already spent countless hours in different therapies, you may still be seeking a path that could walk you in a direction toward true healing from burn out, high stress or a history of trauma.


 Introducing Our Online

Heal Your Survival Pattern 

Membership Group

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There is a pathway toward clarity...


You may be skeptical and overwhelmed by the enormity of miracle claims, not knowing who to believe or how to invest your hard earned time and money. 

In the midst of all this confusion, you may be dealing with daily health challenges  - digestive issues, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches or nervous eating.  

You know you have an innate ability to heal.

You know you have a purpose that you feel called to fulfill. 

Like so many conscious seekers, and high-achievers, you are probably longing to access your Essential Self. 

 You may be seeking a community who "gets you" so you don't feel so isolated or that you're overly sensitive or weird.

 You might be wanting support so you can understand how to help someone you love who is in pain and suffering.  

 You don't have to do it alone.  

 Become part of a tribe of professionals who are dedicated to their healing pathway, after decades of being stuck repeating negative, self-sabotaging patterns and dis-ease.    


 The Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy Institute

Heal Your Survival Pattern Membership Group

offers support and guidance that is changing lives every day.  



Join NOW


Heal Your Survival Pattern Membership Group 


You are invited into a LIVE, intimate group of professionals from all over the world, via video teleconference, guided by the TEHT founders and Master Instructors Kimberly Ward, Laura Fine and Lisa Lewis.  


What's Included...

Six live Zoom sessions per month on the topics of:

Conscious Nourishment: The Self-Care and Feeding of Your Survival Pattern led by Kimberly Ward 

Finally, a supportive and safe environment to help you heal childhood survival pattern wounds. 

Developing Energy Perception led by Laura Fine and Lisa Lewis 

Uncover your innate ability to perceive and heal subtle energy patterns with powerful concrete skills. 


You'll join a LIVE, intimate group with participants from all over the world via video teleconference, guided by the TEHT founders Kimberly Ward, Laura Fine and Master Instructor, Lisa Lewis. 

You'll have access to a library of educational and inspirational videos, articles and other gifts.

Members receive entry into a tribe of like-minded conscious  seekers, healers, parents, and holistic professionals 


The weekly sessions of our Heal Your Survival Energy Pattern Membership Group are a safe and dynamic meeting place to open up, self-discover, learn, grow and share. In our live Zoom sessions, and anytime during the live group calls you'll have a place to ask questions and network with other seekers who are on a healing journey for themselves, their family members or clients.  

Have more questions?

Reach out to us anytime at [email protected] 

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  • Unlimited access to our entire library: Videos, articles, and other educational materials all found in your Membership Portal
  • Full access to the self-study course "Introduction to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns" a $97 value

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Library Access 


Unlimited access to educational articles, downloadable handouts, assessments, training videos and energy healing tools and innovative transformational tips.   


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Weekly Group Calls


On-line weekly video sessions, interactive workshops, Q & A with our instructors and guest experts on topics that will support you on your healing journey.

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Private Community 


Fulfill your thirst for inspiration, connection and support with other like minded individuals who are on a similar transformational path. 

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Introduction to the 5 Survival Energy Patterns Self-Study Course

This self-study course provides a thorough introduction to survival patterns and and in-depth overview of each of the five survival types.   

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Meet Your Instructors

Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy is a system developed by Laura Fine, where we learn how beliefs and emotions are stored in the body’s tissue and how to access this subconscious cellular awareness for healing.


Kimberly Ward, is a master at combining her expertise as a Trauma Therapist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner with the principles of Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy.
Lisa Lewis, is a licensed therapist and combines her expertise with her extensive training in body mind connection and TEH Therapy to help people live more fully in the present and and create a life that brings them joy, happiness and fulfillment. 
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Laura Fine

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 Kimberly Ward

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