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Our mission is to help you heal yourself,

so you can facilitate healing for others. 

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You’re passionate about helping your clients help themselves.


Your clients need OUT of their self-sabotage pattern so they can heal. 

You need the skills to get to the root-cause of their wound so they can break free.

You care about empowering people when they are faced with tough emotional or medical challenges. 

We teach the Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) system that guides your clients to unwind subconscious beliefs. 

Often rooted in childhood trauma, the TEH system brings about a natural conversion that creates a healing response in the physiology.

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What happens when it's YOU, the coach, struggling with your own healing crisis?

The TEH Coaching Certification teaches you how to heal yourself, so you can facilitate healing for others.

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 What makes the TEH system uniquely effective and outstanding, is its integration of the body/mind energy system as it brings clients quickly to the root cause of their original trauma pattern.


Watch this 5 minute video to hear what past students have to say about TEH. 

Don't I have to be a therapist to help someone breakthrough an emotional trauma pattern?


The answer (really a solution) lies in a coaching/counseling process called, 

The 10-Step Transpersonal Energy Healing System.


It's systematic.

It's repeatable.

It works.

Coaches are not trained as therapists.


Most therapists are not trained in body/mind or energy healing skills. 


The TEH system teaches professional practitioners how to guide clients to heal self-sabotaging patterns. 

You won't have to spend years in traditional training in order to unwind the root cause of trauma patterns that have kept your clients locked in misery. 

In just 10, three hour sessions, meeting once a month, we teach you how to facilitate a healing transformation for yourself and others.  This system is so simple and effective, it can be used with your clients in person or virtually. 

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Is the TEHT Certification Right for you?

The last thing we want is to lead you down the wrong path...so use the points below as a guide to help you decide if this is right for you.


When you see something that resonates, you'll know this program is right for you:

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You feel “stuck” or like something is holding your back but you can’t seem to break free from self-destructive behaviors, even though you “know better.” You’re seeking a system to help you overcome these obstacles.


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You have the “imposter syndrome” because you don’t implement the self-care you’re telling your clients to do. You’re tired of your own self-pity story but have no replacement, yet.

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You feel you’re meant for another level of success and you’re willing to do the work to achieve it, but you’re not exactly sure what “the work” is.

What creates the transformation in the TEH Certification?


Here's how it happens and

what's included...





The Transpersonal Energy Healing System: A unique 10 Step System to Repattern Life Force Energy utilizing dialogue, movement and the chakra energy system to develop the client’s body/mind psychology and emotional energy awareness.  

Learn the art and science of transmuting life-force energy. Gain skills to discover the emotional and psychological root cause of your issues as guided by the 10 step process.

Become exceptional at how to detect hidden subconscious information revealed through voice, gesture, and the interactive energy between you and significant others. You'll be able to apply these techniques to your own healing, use them professionally with clients, or to create more harmonious relationships with family and friends.




  • LIVE weekly Interactive Professional Development Skills

  • Live weekly Q & A with a Master teacher

  • Access to our online Portal of learning materials, handouts, and recordings of each session




  • SIX individual, one-hour, one-on-one sessions with a Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner included with your tuition

  • A personal mentor to help support you in the program with 5 private 20 minute  sessions

  • Weekly Healing Process Groups to facilitate the healing of each Survival Energy Pattern




  • One-year membership FREE into the "Heal Your Survival Pattern" Membership Group

  • The option to REPEAT the entire 10 monthly professional live training classes FREE for up to one year



The TEH 10 Step System to Repattern

Life Force Energy 


In a Nutshell



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1. Establish Your Essential Self. 

Learn how to listen deeply to discover and reflect significant gestures and emotions that uncover subconscious sabotage survival energy patterns.

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2. How to open Your Chakra Energy System.

Slow down time, embody physical and emotional sensations to experience the true body-mind-energy connection for healing.

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3. Regulate the Energy of Trauma.

Visualize and perceive the energy of the trauma history and where it lives in the body. You guide clients how to dwell in the visceral sensations needed for healing.

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4. Safely Embody Emotional Energy.

Allow buried subconscious emotions to rise and fully feel them in present time to repattern life force energy.

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5. Identify Root Cause: Discover when and how Survival Energy Patterns originated in childhood and how to safely feel and release them in present time.

In childhood, through family conditioning, you learned to adapt to overwhelming stressors by creating an Energy Survival Pattern. You used this pattern repeatedly to help you cope with emotional overwhelm. 

Recognizing the origins of these patterns that have become self-limiting in your adult life, you'll experience new neurological options so you can be free to live powerfully as the person you feel called to be.

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6. Deepen to the Sensate Level. Use the Art of Inquiry and Energy Vocabulary questions to recognize, release and reclaim blocked life force.

The Art of Inquiry is a unique technique that that guides you in a way to be with your client that includes “Leading while Following.” You’ll discover how to listen deeply, yet stay out of the way while supporting your client’s ability to recognize their own resistance and create their breakthrough transformation. Dropping deeper than the emotional level you’ll help your clients have access to the energy template that holds a pattern that is no longer useful.

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7. Explore Resistance. Follow the direction of the negative resistant energy to its “source” point unwinding the root cause of the problematic pattern.

Resistance happens when we don’t know what it’s like to have clear, safe energy boundaries. Connect yet maintain healthy energy boundaries so you don’t get sick or burned out.You’ll know how to help your client’s have a breakthrough when they most want to give up or run away.

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8. Integrate Childhood Core Beliefs into the Adult Self. Explore and expand the original childhood avoidant “life-force sensation” patterns with new and healthy adult beliefs.

You’ll have the skills to assist your clients ability to increase their tolerance level for new healing sensations so they can achieve their goals.

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9. It’s Safe to Connect. Connect their inner process with outer relationships to transform conflict into communication and connection.

How to Connect: Establish deep trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates holistic health, relieves anxieties and stressful patterns. Clients will have the experience, perhaps even for the first time because of their work with you, in how to have safe, appropriate, respectful bonding with healthy boundaries.

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10. Integrate and Summarize. Integrate the left/right brain experience so the adult client can live the life they wish to live.

The subconscious, self-sabotage behaviors will no longer hold your client back from fully realizing their adult potential.

6 Personal Healing Sessions

You can't give what you don't have. You'll experience the healing power of the TEH 10-Step System you are being trained in. Our program includes six individual one-hour sessions with a professionally certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner of your choice.  

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5 Private Mentoring Sessions 

Nothing replaces first hand experience as a form of support. Your personal TEH Coach will include an option for 5, private 20-minute mentoring sessions to support you as you progress through the program.  

Meet the Instructors 

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Laura Fine, MFT degree, MA Creative Director & Co-Founder


Laura Fine has two master’s degrees, is the author of four books, a teacher of teachers, energy healing therapist and the creative director of The Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification program. Laura has spent over 35 years training thousands of healers, coaches and body/mind professionals. As a survivor of a life-threatening illness, she has a passion for helping others transform trauma, life challenges and dis-ease into a profound opportunity for personal healing.


More about Laura
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Kimberly Ward, CEO and Co-Founder of TEHT


Kimberly has been working as a holistic practitioner for over 25 years. She combines her skills as a Functional Nutritional Practitioner and Somatic Trauma Therapist to help her clients achieve optimal health. Her true passion is teaching people how to resolve past trauma that is at the root of physical and mental disease. In addition to seeing clients in her private practice, she also runs group programs and teaches as part of the faculty for the TEH Therapy  Practitioner Certification Program.


More about Kimberly



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  • 4 courses - $4688
  • Repeat the four LIVE courses, a second time - $4688
  • Six individual sessions with a certified TEH Practitioner - $900
  • One year Heal Your Survival Pattern Membership - $468
  • Five 20-minute mentorship sessions - $250

One Time Payment


Savings - $6494

  • Money back guarantee if this is not a right fit for you
  • Upon completion: Free listing in our World-Wide directory: Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Coaches



3 Pay Option


3 Monthly Payments

  • 3 payments of $1650 monthly over 3 consecutive months (service charge included)
  • Upon completion: Free listing in our World-Wide directory: Certified Transpersonal Energy Healing Coaches

* Financing options available. Email us at [email protected] to inquire. 

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