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Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner


Individual practitioners guide clients to understand and heal stress, trauma and historical self-limiting defensive patterns so they can fulfill their highest potential and live their dreams. The process elicits valuable effects on the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of your being. 

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[Listed in alphabetical order below by country and state.]


 LANG, CINDY L. (Ontario)


[email protected]

Practicing since 2021

Graduate of: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy; Institute for Integrative Nutrition; Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems; Precision Nutrition (Level 1 Certified Coach)

Specialize in: Mind and Body Connection, Anti-inflammatory living

I will be your guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness. I will listen carefully and we’ll navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for you. Together we will connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be.
I believe that the body has the innate wisdom to heal itself given that it has what it needs. In our sessions together, I will to guide you to get in touch with the energy sensations in your body with the objective of helping you get more in-tune with and activate your inner wisdom. 



*TEH Mentor


[email protected]  

Practicing since 2004

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing 

Specialize in: Transpersonal Energy Healing, Mind-Body Therapy, Aromatherapy, Image Styling

As a sought-after Power Imaging consultant across the globe, I have helped thousands of leaders to bridge the gap between their outer image and inner essence, so they can feel more attractive, confident, and powerful being who they are. Through integrating fashion, transpersonal psychology, and image typing, I developed the Power Imaging™ Method designed to express your true essence, and uncover your authentic beauty and gifts. Seeing over 3,000 of my clients transform their lives from the inside out, like I did, is what I live for.
I am here to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable sharing and increase awareness of the connection between body-mind, emotions, and spirit, resulting in positive holistic health and wellness.



ALLEN, DEBORAH  (Santa Cruz, California)


[email protected]

In practice for over 35+ years

Graduate of: Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Center for Intentional Living graduate program

Specialize in: Transitions, trauma, in-between spaces, relationships, mind-body connection

I have a private practice and teach workshops and seminars ranging from psychological understandings through spiritual emergence and emergencies. I combine transpersonal psychology with energy work. My areas of strength are crisis, trauma, resilience and mind-body connection. 

BLACKWELL, MAYLEI  (Long Beach, California) 

HACHEY, ALMA (California)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected] 

Practicing since 2017

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Healers Forum, Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Specialize in: Body/Mind Connection, Cancer recovery, Functional Nutrition, Hands on Energy Healing

My ultimate goal is to inspire and empower people to take control of their own health and to awaken each person’s own healing power through education, support and tools that they need to be successful.
I believe in the amazing healing potential of the human body and I will support you in uncovering the healer within you by optimizing functional nutrition, mind-body awareness, and stress reduction through radical self-care. 
When your mind, body and spirit are in harmony, you will naturally attain a healthy weight, vitality, joy and inner peace. I incorporate various healing modalities to guide you, so that you can look and feel your best - not just to merely survive, but to THRIVE.

JONES, LAVINA  (California)


KOZIAK, SASHA (Los Angeles, California)


LEWIS, LISA  (Los Angeles, California)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 2009

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

Specialize in: Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Trauma, Highly Sensitive Persons

I work with individuals who are seeking help with the root cause of their anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, and/or high sensitivity, so they can understand their past to live more fully in the present and create a life that brings them joy, happiness, and fulfillment. 
My areas of strength:  Intuitive felt sense, empathetic, sensitive, body mind spirit connection.

LOFTIN, ALISA  (Los Angeles, California)

http://[email protected]  


*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 2021

Graduate of: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy; Bachelor Science Degree in Dietetics from San Francisco State University, professional health coaching experience 

Specialize in: Helping women step into a new, empowered relationship with suffering- be it with eating disorders, low self-worth, abusive relationships, mental health issues, or chronic illness. She is passionate about helping women self-discover their own answers and strength in the face of challenging circumstances or tragedies from the past

Angelica’s journey with Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH) began when she fell chronically ill in 2018 and her anxiety went from mild to debilitating. After several sessions with different therapists, she had her first TEH session and fully experienced the emotional energy at the root of her anxiety. When she was allowed to feel, she experienced the most profound and effective healing of her life and knew immediately that she wanted to help others experience it as well.
Angelica loves the TEH certification program because it has given her a “soul family” and  encouragement to pursue the hard but rewarding work of moving and owning her energy. She continues her personal work in the “Heal Your Survival Patterns” membership group and looks forward to using her own transformation to guide and facilitate clients in theirs


(Los Angeles, California)

*TEH Mentor

‪(424) 272-5218

[email protected] 

Practicing since 2017

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing , Healers Forum, and The Four Winds Society for Shamanic Energy Medicine.

Specialize in: Guiding people who are looking to do deep soul work in order to live a full, present life; sitting with people who are ready to heal, transform and release what stands in their way of living their highest essential destiny. 

Through Transpersonal Energy Healing and Shamanic Energy Medicine, I guide people to find what lies in their way of reaching their deepest longing. I help them transform those hindrances by upgrading their luminous energy field, as well as working through energy blockages, spiritual obstacles, and mental constructs. My clients are left with more access to their essential self and their highest destiny. 

PANDYA, LINDSAY  (Los Angeles, California)


ROGRON, CLAUDIA  (Los Angeles, California)


[email protected] 

Over 25 years of experience as a massage therapist and body worker. Practicing Transpersonal Energy Healing since 2009

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing; B.A. in Biology; massage therapy program at the California Healing Arts College And Touch Therapy Institute; Upledger Institute; Homeopathy program at the American University of Complementary Medicine; Inner Power Yoga

Specialize in: Chronic muscular pain and imbalance; tension and anxiety release; self-sabotage deprograming; Bodymind integration; joy 🎶 factor increase 

The relationship between you and your body is the longest and most intimate that you’ll ever have in your life. For months, years, decades, you’ve been living with chronic pain. With time, that pattern of contraction became habitual and subconscious. Tucked in, beneath the muscular tissue lies an imprint, an emotional charge. It is a nugget of life force that holds a gift which is very uniquely yours.
Claudia is a masterful healer and gifted holistic practitioner. 
She’s a skilled Bodymind therapist, and she's able to recognize thought patterns, beliefs, and defense mechanisms that hinder the full expression of your being.
The process of release is simple, repeatable and effective. She incorporates her knowledge of craniosacral therapy into the session. Her skilled dialogue and her grounded presence facilitate your return to a sense of harmony, ease, and wholeness.

SALERNO KRISTI (Los Angeles, California)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected] 

Practicing since 2012

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

Specialize in: Self love mastery, transforming trauma into resilience, somatic stress regulation, movement/dance therapy, energy healing and connecting humans to their body intelligence.

I am a guide, holding a safe space as we follow the wisdom of your body to the  source of the current problem.  In my one-on-one body/mind counseling sessions I use the Art of Inquiry, somatic practices, breathing, relaxation and movement— to allow us, together, to follow your awareness into your body,  to bring to light that which was unconscious before. This “bearing witness to self” begins to loosen the energy blocks that keep our maladaptive patterns in place and helps us release age-old unprocessed emotional debris. Simply put:  When we can feel it, we can heal it. These sessions are powerful & transformative and leave my clients with a deep appreciation for their bodies & their resilience. They gain life-long tools that help them regulate their nervous systems and practice self compassion & self love  no matter the circumstances.
I am also the owner & founder of KRIA METHOD (2012.) KRIA is a transformative movement class that combines somatic practices, self expression and dance to help us heal & reclaim our aliveness & joy! I taught this for a decade in Los Angeles and am now thrilled to reach an unlimited tribe since transitioning into the online space.

TAJIMA, YOKO(California)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected]  

Practicing since 2004

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing 

Specialize in: Transpersonal Energy Healing, Mind-Body Therapy, Aromatherapy, Image Styling

As a sought-after Power Imaging consultant across the globe, I have helped thousands of leaders to bridge the gap between their outer image and inner essence, so they can feel more attractive, confident, and powerful being who they are. Through integrating fashion, transpersonal psychology, and image typing, I developed the Power Imaging™ Method designed to express your true essence, and uncover your authentic beauty and gifts. Seeing over 3,000 of my clients transform their lives from the inside out, like I did, is what I live for.
I am here to create a safe space for you to feel comfortable sharing and increase awareness of the connection between body-mind, emotions, and spirit, resulting in positive holistic health and wellness.



*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Holistic practitioner for over 25 years

Graduate of: Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Specialize in: BodyMind Therapy, Somatic Trauma Healing, Hormonal Dysregulation, Functional Nutrition, healing physical symptoms rooted in trauma 

It is very clear that stress and trauma create barriers to optimal health.
If a dysregulated nervous system from stress or trauma is at the root of your symptoms, you are unlikely to fully recover until you un-wind and re-wire your system.
Helping people to take charge of their health is my passion. When you connect the dots between your mental stress, emotional struggles, and physical symptoms, you become empowered to make real and lasting change.
I will work with you and personalize a protocol designed for your individual needs and goals, and support you along the way. Most importantly, I will teach you how to ignite your inner healing mechanism, so you can achieve optimal health.




[email protected] 

Practicing since 2021

Graduate of: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy, All For You Helping Others - Conscious Language/Mastery Systems University, Dream Builder/Brave Thinking Institute, Emotional Freedom Technique.

Specialize in: I believe in energy as the source of all healing and help creating a safe space for you to be curious about yourself using compassionate inquiry and guidance.

I help women of all ages fulfill inner healing. During our time together over zoom, I encourage and support your honest inquiry into yourself. I help you explore your beliefs and habits that create your current reality. I intuitively hold all possibilities open like a door for you. You decide what to keep and what to release so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. Women walk out of my sessions with a new appreciation for their lives, excited to use the insights and tools to create the life they desire to live. 



*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 2010

Graduate of: Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Specialize in: Creating space for women that are bone-sucking tired from caring for others more than themselves

I am here to create a space for you to feel comfortable sharing in. Sometimes the world thinks you’re crazy because you believe in the inherent healing that exists within you, and using natural ways such as herbs and food. You want to learn how to incorporate these things into your daily life. And so you are seeking direction. You are seeking to understand yourself - and to be understood. Along with creating this space for you, I can be a teacher and show you these different ways, such as Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. But more than anything, I can teach you to trust yourself that the answer is within you.






[email protected]

Practicing since 2004

Graduate of: Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology

Specialize in: Energy Therapy and Nutritional Counseling

My practice is focused on eliminating emotions and beliefs that stand in the way of health and happiness. Clients receive greater peace and balance through the techniques I facilitate. This balance creates the happiness and health desired.
Specifically I am a Success Habits Life coach, BEST Elite Master, Emotion Code Practitioner, and Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner. I specialize in Nutritional Endocrinology.

                         New Jersey

BARDIA, SUMMER  (New Jersey)


[email protected] 

Practicing PA-C since 2009; Reiki since 2014; TEH since 2021

Graduate of: Barry University: Masters of Clinical Medical Sciences (MCMSc.) with a national certification as a Physician Assistant (PA-C), Reflections of Light: Reiki Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner Certifications, Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy: TEH Practitioner Certification

Specialize in: Holistic Health, Nutrition, Wellness & Energy Coaching to help people who want to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually

I help people who find themselves, all of a sudden (or for a while), feeling lost and totally out of sync with their lives…maybe because they have lost a job, a relationship, a loved one, or even if they have no idea why this seems to be happening to them. I help people who find that they’re feeling alone, desperate and without hope or direction…frozen…like they have lost that zest for life and maybe don’t even feel alive at all anymore. I help these people unlock and uncover the patterns and behaviors, thoughts and feelings, that unknowingly have kept them from living their fully embodied lives. I help them to reclaim their OWN lives by learning just how within reach their true happiness and empowerment are. I guide them in learning how to really feel like smiling again and find their inner sunshine.


BARTZ, DEBRA  (Oregon)


[email protected]

Practicing since 2012

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing

Specialize in: Nutrition and Life

I can help you make sense of the details of your life. Life can be complicated and messy. However, habit change with small steps can lead to bigger results.

BOOKS, JANET  (Oregon)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected] 

Practicing since 2018

Graduate of: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy

Specialize in: Healing by guiding you through a process that allows you to discover the root of your challenges and the beginning of your life.

As a Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner, Raw Food Chef and Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner, I support clients as they work to improve different facets of lifestyles. Using these resources and my 70 plus years of personal experience, I help many people untangle their puzzles and discover the next steps on a new life adventure. Living Redefined.
By listening deeply to your story, I will help you peel back the layers of the struggles and connect to where you want to focus your intentions now. I allow you to lead the  way and discover the next steps on a new path.

NOLAND, JENNY  (Oregon )



DIONISI, CHRIS  (Austin, Texas)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 2018

Graduate of: Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy – 2018; California College of Ayurveda - Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy Certification - 2015; Coach Training Alliance - Life Coach Certification 2013; Living Yoga Program - 200 Hour Yoga Instruction Certification - 1999

Specialize in: Self-sabotaging patterns that cause anxiety, stress and self-doubt

If you find yourself feeling anxious and stressed out with thoughts of self-doubt, I can totally relate!  That used to be me.  Through Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy, I was able to move beyond self-sabotaging habits that kept me stuck in these patterns.  I was so impressed with the process and benefits that I received through TEHT, that I expanded my Life Coaching practice and became a certified TEHT practitioner to support others who may be struggling as I was.
I invite you to reach out to me here and begin your healing journey. 
While working together, we will deepen your mind/body connection and begin to uncover and unwind stuck energy patterns.  The release of these patterns can leave you feeling more peaceful, centered and confident.
My intention for working with you as a TEHT Practitioner is to connect deeply, listen closely and support you abundantly as we navigate this path of your healing together.

FINE, LAURA  (Austin, Texas)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 1990

Graduate of: Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Society of Souls Kabbalistic Healing, Polarity Energy Therapy, Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, Masters of Arts Degree

Specialize in: Body/Mind Trauma, Life-threatening Illness or life changing crises, therapist to the therapists, healer to the healers, facilitating transformation with high-functioning leaders and professionals

When we work together using Transpersonal Energy Healing, we’ll track where the energy of physical, emotional or spiritual pain lives in your physiology and energy field. Together we’ll discover where the life force of subconscious beliefs may be stuck and limiting your natural health and well-being.
What follows is an unwinding of your body's natural self-correcting healing mechanism where you'll and realize how to bring movement and healing to your entire system, increasing holistic health and wellness. 

SMITH, EMILY (Austin, Texas)

*TEH Mentor


[email protected]

Practicing since 2016

Graduate of: Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing, Masters of Social Work, UNE

Specialize in: Energy Therapy; Mind/Body Connecting and Balancing; Addictions; Hands-On Energy Healing

I specialize in working with individuals who suffer from addictions, including any form of a substance that holds control or a power over your life. Whether that substance is used to escape from overwhelm, discomfort, or to fill a void or a longing that is spiritual, physical or emotional.
Within the process of Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy, I guide individuals inward, tracking the sensations of the energy inside the body, to the root cause of the addictive pattern.
As I hold gentle, compassionate space for self-exploration and palpable innerwork, a greater awareness and deeper focused attention is brought inside the body. This helps facilitate the dissolving and clearing of energy blocks, as well as ignite the body’s natural healing mechanisms, resulting in your ability to live a more fulfilled and balanced life.
As we journey through the transformational healing process, greater clarity, awareness, and expansion take place within the whole energy system, allowing the life force energy to flow more freely, healing core wounds and fulfilling a deep seated longing for wholeness.




[email protected] 

Practicing for over 40 years in the Fitness, Health and Wellness Industry

Graduate of: Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology; Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy

Jan Chamberlain, BA, RYT500, LYT Yoga 200, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, FNC has been working for over 40 years in the Fitness, Health, and Wellness Industry.  Jan was one of the first Graduates of Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology.  Her certification Case Study & videos she created & taught for INE  can be viewed on their website - Ayurvedic Diet/LIfestyle, Coaching Yourself to Success, & Creating Magic in Your Coaching Groups.  Jan met Laura & Kim through the INE in 2012 and has been incorporating Transpersonal Energy Healing work with her clients for over 8 years.  Jan is currently a professor of yoga, fitness, and movement classes in the PE and Dance departments at Snow College in Utah.  She recently completed Pain Free for Life and Health By Ratio teaching certifications for transmuting the energy of pain via Functional Movement, as well as a Tune Up Fitness certification in Self Myofascial Release techniques. Jan's work is all about Movement, Energy, and Moving Energy to create healing - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Jan has been married 38 years, has 4 children and 10 grandchildren, and continues to learn and joyfully apply TEH in her family relationships.  Born & raised in Manhattan, Kansas, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in 1982 from Kansas State University, Jan now lives with her husband and 3 rescue dogs in the mountains of central Utah.  Her passions include animal rescue, organic gardening and food preservation for self-sustainability, tennis, quilting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, wardrobe & color analysis, ballet, tap dancing, hip hop, yoga, handstands & arm balances, genealogy, and anything involving her grandchildren.


In alphabetical order by STATE/LOCATION

Location      Name        Contact       Website



Ontario                                              Lang, Cindy                             647-588-8073             


Tokyo                                                *Yoko Tajima                            951-833-7525                

United States


California                                           Allen, Deborah                        831-251-9298              

California                                           Blackwell, Maylei                                                           

California                                         *Hachey, Alma                         925-338-0623             

California                                           Higgy, Amr                              650-514-0028

California                                           Jones, Lavina                           310-625-9872

California                                           Koziak, Sasha                          626-824-1324

California                                         *Lewis, Lisa                              626-319-5076                

California                                           Loftin, Alisa                              213-394-6030                         http://[email protected]  

California                                           *Martin, Angelica                 415-619-2346                 

California                                           McMahon, Christina             805-570-0239              

California                                           *Olschwang, Andrea              818-732-1672                

California                                           Pandya, Lindsay                     818-795-9784              

California                                           Rogron, Claudia                     818-770-6685                

California                                         *Salerno, Kristi                        310-880-6902               

California                                          *Tajima, Yoko                           951-833-7525                


Georgia                                             Burgess, Delores                     770-309-6925


Idaho                                                *Ward, Kimberly                     720-560-1556               


Illinois                                                MacLeod, Elona                      630-903-4993


Iowa                                                  *Johnson, Lynn DeBuhr       515-538-0014               

Iowa                                                    Thomson MaryLynn             909-496-9332


Minnesota                                         Woodward, Jill                       763-360-2173                


New Jersey                                        Bardia, Summer                   732-503-8676


Oregon                                               Bartz, Debra                           925-207-9533               

Oregon                                              *Books, Janet                        360-487-6260               

Oregon                                               Noland, Jenny                       541-255-5047               


Texas                                                  *Dionisi, Chris                       512-965-6600                

Texas                                                  *Fine, Laura                           858-722-5474                   

Texas                                                  *Smith, Emily                        207-432-5226               


Utah                                                   Chamberlain, Jan                 435-340-0877                  

*TEH Mentor
A TEH Mentor is an approved graduate of the Transpersonal Energy Healing Practitioner Certification program. TEH Mentors have completed an in-depth training and maintain an active professional practice implementing the TEH 10 Step System for Re-patterning Life Force Energy.