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Kimberly Ward and Laura Fine co-founded

Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy. 


As Kimberly and Laura express it...


A natural partnership unfolded between us as we combined Kimberly’s design of heart-centered spiritual science as a trauma therapist with Laura’s body/mind depth psychology, integrated with the chakra energy system of healing.


What emerged is a system we describe as Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy. This system is powerful, repeatable and highly effective at unwinding the root cause of dis-ease to alleviate suffering. We are passionately dedicated to providing this treatment to those seeking healing from trauma and self-destructive patterns.


We are committed to training professionals and those aspiring to have a professional practice in how to utilize the power of Transpersonal Energy Healing as a therapeutic modality.


We have found ourselves responding to a cry for connection and healing from students, clients and seekers. We have put our heads together to form a portal of support by creating opportunities to process the enormity of change we are forced to face in this day and time.


We have decades of professional training and experience in the field of body/mind psychology, trauma and energy healing.


We are available for individual appointments in Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy. 


Personal Healing is exponentially enhanced when individual one-on-one sessions are supported with a clear understanding your Energy System, and how trauma may have affected your physiology, psychology and health.



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Laura Fine, MFT degree, MA Creative Director & Co-Founder


Laura Fine has two master’s degrees, is the author of four books, a teacher of teachers, energy healing therapist and the creative director of The Transpersonal Energy Healing Coaching Certification Program. Laura has spent over 35 years training thousands of healers, coaches and body/mind professionals. As a survivor of a life-threatening illness, she has a passion for helping others transform trauma, life challenges and dis-ease into a profound opportunity for personal healing.

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Kimberly Ward, CEO and Co-Founder of TEHT


 Kimberly has been working as a holistic practitioner for over 25 years. She combines her skills as a Functional Nutritional Practitioner and Somatic Trauma Therapist to help her clients achieve optimal health. Her true passion is teaching people how to resolve past trauma that is at the root of physical and mental disease. In addition to seeing clients in her private practice, she also runs group programs and teaches as part of the facility for the TEH Therapy Coaching Certification Program.

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