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Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy

A cutting-edge system that takes you to the core of an issue quickly and authentically, unwinding limiting deep-seated subconscious patterns.   


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Why Join the Membership?

Real change is not a quick fix. Healing happens when we have stable, exceptional support. Your membership includes weekly gatherings based on four modalities:

Awakening Consciousness

Cutting edge educational topics led by our master teachers or guest experts in the fields of Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Neuro-Science and Holistic Self-Care.

Moving Consciousness

How to move your energy charge through your body. You'll have tools to help you get grounded, centered and shift out of a sympathetic to a parasympathetic nervous system state.

Expanding Consciousness

Master teachers will guide you in how to meditate, move energy blocks and expand your comfort zone for personal and spiritual growth.

Conscious Eating

Heal your relationship with food using the Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy system.  Learn the TEHT foundational skills and techniques so you can re-wire unhealthy eating patterns. 

What is Transpersonal Energy Healing Therapy?

Transpersonal Energy Healing is a unique dialogue and movement system that enhances the client’s body/mind awareness. The TEH Therapist establishes deep trust and rapport, creating a healing bond that accelerates health.

The TEHT practitioner facilitates the client's ability to track their own self-discovery of subconscious beliefs that have inhibited their aliveness. Once accessed, this life-force is brought into movement making the subconscious, conscious and effecting healing on the cellular level.

Practitioner and client together track the unwinding of this energy to its origins, where a physical/emotional, combustion-like natural conversion occurs that brings about a healing response to the physiology.

This results in a new feeling of aliveness. The practitioner then guides the client to integrate their experience with an energy psychology of beliefs that facilitate a healthier state of being.


What We Offer

Personal Healing

You need a place...where it feels safe to be authentic, where you can share your fears without fear of judgement. You're longing to get past your pain and you need support to fully realize your life purpose.

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Professional Training

You have a professional practice. You want to grow your practice. You have lots of skills yet may feel challenged by certain clients. You want clarity and support to soar past these blind spots to help others heal.

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Membership and Community

Our  CONSCIOUS HEALING MEMBERSHIP CIRCLE Circle offers a place of healing, for high-functioning individuals who are tired of trying to heal their trauma history and self-sabotaging patterns, alone.

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Anxious ~ Overwhelmed ~ Exhausted

These are indicators, something is wrong.

Worried or anxious because your health is not improving?

Despite real effort put into numerous diets, different doctors, therapists, and practitioners, spending tons of money on medications, herbs, and supplements, you are STILL not healed.

Maybe it’s getting worse.

Confused about the next step to take?

Need help figuring out what is wrong?

This is the RIGHT place for you

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